The FISS Road Race Series (RRS) was first run in 2019, and made its return in 2022 after an extended break due to covid.

The RRS consists of four events, each featuring a 100m Sprint and an endurance race. The distances of the endurance races differs between events and according to venue. All skaters are welcome to take part, whether elite or casual/recreational, old or young, Members and Non Members, quads or inlines. The road races are perhaps the most accessible part of our sport for new skaters. Skaters receive finishers medals and a digital certificate containing their finish time. For those who finish first, second and third in their categories, gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded. Please note this only applies to the main competitive races and not the shorter alternative options provided.

Points will be accumulated across the Series towards Road Series winner and 100m Series winner. Skaters participating in the Road Race events will earn points for their finishing positions in the endurance event (full race only) and the 100m sprint.

The points will be accumulated across all four endurance races (full distance only) to determine the road series winner. Points will be accumulated separately for the 100m and totalled across the four road events to determine the 100m series winner.

The best three race results out of the four races in the series will be used to allow for those skaters who are unable to enter all four races. Skaters must enter a minimum of three races in order to be in the running for the titles. There will be a separate reward for both the road series and 100m series winners, presented at the end of the Road Season in September at the British Inline Marathon. Each age category will have a road series winner and 100m series winner.

Skaters who place first will earn 1 point, with second and third places earning 2 and 3 respectively, and so on. This means all skaters who finish the race will receive points. At the last race, those skaters who have attended three or four races will have their best three results counted, and the skaters with the least points will win the titles. This is available to both Members and Non-Members.

Please note that British Marathon Champion and 100m Champion remain separate to this and will still be determined on the day at the British inline Marathon Championships.

Skaters can of course enter individual races only; it is not mandatory to do the road races as a series for those who don’t wish to do so.

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