Racing in the UK

All categories from mini to Masters will be based on the ages at or before the 31 December as shown below.


Mini – 6 – 9 years of age (minimum age 6 years on day of competition)

Pupil – 10 – 12 years

Cadet – 13 -14 years

Youth – 15 – 16 years

Junior – 17 – 18 years

Senior – 19 years and over

Master – 30 years +

Note:- If a master wishes to race in Senior, they may do so by registering as such at point of registration as a Member, or alternatively via an email to the secretary of the Federation. Once this has taken place the Skater must remain in this age category for the year of Membership.


Relay teams can be made up from the following age categories

Pupil and Cadet

Youth, Junior, Senior and Masters

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