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Tatem Park,
Hedge Lane,
N13 5DD

London Skaters Speed Team will be staging an event on Sunday 07 July 2019 at Tatem Park, Enfield. The races will start at 12 noon with registration between 11:00am and 11:30am.
Venue: Tatem Park, London N13 5DD

Race Distances:-

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Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
Cat 4 300m 1.5Km 3Km Elim
Cat 3 300m 2Km 5Km Elim
Cat 2 500m 2.5Km 7.5Km Elm
Cat 1 500m 3Km 10Km Elim

Age Races

Race 1 Race 2
Mini Mystery Points Race Last Man Standing
Pupils Mystery Points Race Last Man Standing
Cadets Mystery Points Race Last Man Standing
Mystery Points Race Last Man Standing

Age Race Rules:-

Mystery Points

The race will have a mystery number of laps (age appropriate).

There will be 4 intermediate points awarded on 4 mystery laps (signalled by a short bell on the previous lap).

The final lap will be signalled by a prolonged bell.

ALL Points score 1st=3 points 2nd=2 points 3rd=1 point.

Last Man Standing

The race is of NO fixed distance. Any skater lapped is eliminated until 3 remain (First 3 over the line, after a single skater or a number of skaters have lapped anyone from the pack)

Once only 3 remain, the 2nd placed skater must lap the 3rd placed skater.

Once only 2 remain, the 1st placed skater must lap the 2nd placed skater.

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