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The Leeds 30K is the penultimate round of the FISS Road Race Series, held at the Brownlee Centre in  Leeds.

Open to all skaters, including non-FISS Members and recreational/quad skaters, the event consists of two supporting races, a 100m sprint and a one lap time trial of the circuit, followed by the main event, a 30K (or appropriate equivalent distances for younger skaters). Skaters are split into age categories and encouraged but not expected to participate in all three races, and are welcome to only skate in the longer race if they wish to do so.

This race is excellent preparation for the British Inline Marathon (Championships) in August and a nice warm up to Berlin, for those who will be attending.

All age groups will have the opportunity to skate the 100m sprint and one lap time trial. The FISS age categories and their associated distances for the endurance race are as follows:

  • Junior (17 – 18 years of age), Seniors (19 years and over) and Masters (30 years and over) – 30K
  • Youth (15 – 16 years of age) – 30K
  • Cadet (13 – 14 years of age) – 10 Km
  • Pupils (10 – 12 years of age) – 8 Km
  • Mini (6 – 9 years of age) – 3Km

Race times will be determined by an electronic chip timing system. A digital certificate featuring the finish time for the endurance race will be issued to all participants via email. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to skaters who finish first, second and third in each age category. All other skaters will receive a participation medal for the endurance race.

Please note that there will be a processing time for the certificates and they will be issued after the event.

There will be a time limit of approximately 2 hours for the 30K endurance race. Skaters aged 17 years and over who may feel that they would be unable to complete the full distance in this time are welcome to enter a half marathon distance (21k) instead. Please note that gold, silver and bronze will not be handed out for this distance, however a participation medal and certificate will still be provided.

Helmets are a mandatory requirement for all FISS affiliated events


Entries close at midnight on 24th July 2022.


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