Indoor Championship results 2015

The 2015 Indoor championships have been run, and great racing has been seen through out the 2 days of competition, and lots of tight racing and close finishes. Also the following records have also been set:-

Pupil/Cadet girls 2000m relay

Eve McInerney        Wisbech                             3:58.48
Ellie Sooley Drew

Junior/Senior ladies 3000m relay

Lydia Bunn              East Midlands Racing        6:17.97
Ellie Wymer

Masters men’s 3000m relay

Paul Murfin              East Midlands Racing       6:13:21
Alex Wymer

The full results can be see on the following PDF documents:-

Time Trials :-TT Results 2015

200, 300 and 500m races
Heats:- 200, 300 and 500m heats Results 2015
Finals:- 200, 300 and 500m Finals Results 2015

500, 800, 1000 and 1500m races
Heats:- 500 and 800m Heats Results 2015
Finals:- 500, 800, 1000 and 1500 Finals Results 2015

Heats:- Relay heats Results 2015
Finals:- Relay Finals Results 2015