Outdoor championships running Order

See below for the running order of the event.
Please note:- events may have to be moved/rescheduled dependent on weather.

Saturday:-Registration 9:30 – 10:00AM

Racing will start at 10:30 AM

Running order

All age groups Time Trials

All age groups 500 metres

Pupil Girls/Boys 2,000 metres

Cadets Girls/Boys 3,000 metres

Junior Girls 5,000 metres

Junior Boys 10,000 metres

Masters Ladies/Men 5,000 metres

Senior Ladies 5,000 metres

Senior Men 15,000 metres

Sunday:-Registration 9:30 – 10:00 AM

Racing will start at 10:30AM

Running order
All age groups 1,000 metres

Pupil Girls/Boys 3,000 metres

Cadets Girls/Boys 5,000 metres

Junior Girls 3,000 metres

Junior Boys 5,000 metres

Masters Ladies/Men 3,000 metres

Senior Ladies 3,000 metres

Senior Men 10,000 metres

All age groups Relays